Whatever It Takes!

As I sat at my desk a call came thru the intercom.  There is someone in the parking lot looking in cars and trying doors.  As everyone rushed outside I caught a glimpse of the young man.  Homeless… simply looking for a way to get a dollar.  As I stood there watching him walk away the thought weighed heavy on my heart.  Why were we more concerned with our material possessions than the life of this homeless young  man?  Why were we so quick to think of running him off then to care for him and pray for his well being?  As Jesus spoke from the mountain, he taught of the need to minister to ones such as this.  To be more concerned with each other than with this world.  To love those that persecute you. Love those that steal from you as much, as if not more, than those that love you in return.  I went back to see if I could help… but he was gone.  As a child of God I should minister to him.  If it means giving him everything I have in order to bring him to Christ and show him the love of our Savior then I should be willing to do that.  “If he steals your shirt, give him your coat also”!  From the mountain… and the mouth… of our Lord.   Luke 6:27

I Love You!


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