Removing The Log!

He came into our office looking for a job.  Fourteen years ago he stole, and it seems he will never be forgiven. When they brought me his record I said “give him a chance… Jesus would.”  They brought him to my office and you would have thought I gave him a million dollars.  I have spent my life watching… listening… to people spend so much time, pointing out the faults of others.  One religion pointing to another.  One lifestyle finding offense with another. Those who think they are exemplary, finding blame with those that make mistakes. We spend so much time pointing to others sin, without thinking of our own. Until we move beyond the hypocritical insight we are all stuck in, we will never truly learn to love.  We are attached to a petty reward / punishment system.  That way of life will never lead us to love, because it produces in us an ego, to think we are better than the other.  It produces in us the inability to see the sin in our life, but only the sin in others. Richard Rohr said “Those who respond to the call and agree to carry and love what God loves—which is both the good and the bad—and to pay the price for its reconciliation within themselves, these are the followers of Christ.” Sometimes peoples’ past, and the things they have done, keeps them from seeing what they can be and what God put them here for.  Until we love and forgive they will never see Jesus. Matt 7:1-5

I Love You!


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