I see people looking excited that a Texas team was in the final four.  They wear jerseys.  They cheer endlessly.  I see Tiger Woods throw his hands in the air over the victory he worked so hard for.   Then I ponder… don’t we have a victory thru Christ, that more than anything, should cause us to throw up hands in praise to him?  Should we not cheer daily of his love and grace he so freely pours out to us?  The Hebrew language uses seven words for worship.  Everyone of them involves celebration for our Lord with shouts…  hands raised and a holy roar.  We certainly should cheer when our team wins.  We certainly shouldn’t hesitate to throw our hands in the air for someones accomplishments. However… more important we should praise with shouts and hands raised for the love of our Savior and his amazing, incredible, grace.

Psalms 67:3

I Love you!


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