Back In The Box!

As I watched them put the puzzle back in the box, after so much time finishing it, our lives came to mind. If you waste the time… talents… and blessings that God has given you, then at the end of your life everything goes back in the box.  If your days are full of nothing more than work and surviving then in the end everything will go back in the box.   However, if you take your talents… your gifts… and use them for his glory then your life lives on and your legacy will be one of kingdom growth.  God spent time thinking of you.  When he had purpose for you, he placed your soul into your mothers womb. Your life has purpose. Your life has meaning. Your life was meant to serve others and to ultimately bring glory to him.  Find your purpose.  Find the place in your heart where you know he lives and pursue it with everything in you.  Then when your time has been lived the box won’t hold you.  Your glory will live on forever!!

I Love You,  Perry

True Faith!

Do you ever feel as though your faith is weak? Days you feel like he is not to be found?   If your like me there are times you pray… times you ask for help… and you hope God answers. You hope he shows up. Then satan takes over and deep inside your not sure!  Deep inside the faith you thought was rock solid… waivers.  In the back of your mind that small voice says “better have a plan B just in case”.  Just in case he’s not listening. Just in case he doesn’t answer.  Just in case he doesn’t reveal himself.  Why?  Because we want answers in our time and in our way!!  Maybe during those times… times of selfishness… times of doubt… times of faithlessness… that’s when we should surrender all!  That’s when we should say “your will not mine”… whatever that might be. Then, and only then, you can call it true faith.


1 John 5:13 – 15

I Love You!


Loving Others!

So why do we look at the differences in people instead of the love that Jesus sees? He looks dirty!  That man looks scary!  I should stop and talk to her but she smells!   As humans we put value  and importance on those we love and know… more than those we don’t. For me, time at the airport always brings reflection on people. Brings reflection on the love that Christ has for them. Are we not commanded to love all people as much… if not more… than we love ourselves? YES!  Aren’t we told by our Savior to love everyone like we love him? YES!  Aren’t the hundreds of people in front of me suppose to be as important to me as my family? YES!  Aren’t we all family thru our Saviors’ blood? YES!  I know it’s hard, I struggle with it too.  I would gladly give my life for my family… my friends… but what about these people?   Father help me to see them thru your eyes and with your heart. Not with the pride and prejudice that comes from my sin!   Luke 10:27

I Love You!



“Han”.  A Korean word for a sadness so deep that tears won’t come.  A sadness that is deep rooted in the soul.  

That gives me pause.  It seems that I encounter so many people, in my daily travels, that seem to be so sad.  People who look lost and burdened by the cares of this world.  Happiness can come and go but pure joy can never be lost.  Just like “Han”, which resides in the soul, unmeasurable joy lives there as well.   Happiness depends on circumstances but joy comes from Christ. Christ and only Christ can give you the peace that passes understanding. Regardless of your circumstance Christ can bring joy.  If you call yourself a Christ follower then “Han” should never be a part of you.  Let joy enter your soul.  Let it make its home there.  It will change your life and your relationship to everyone around you.

Philippians 4:7

I love you!