Loving Others!

So why do we look at the differences in people instead of the love that Jesus sees? He looks dirty!  That man looks scary!  I should stop and talk to her but she smells!   As humans we put value  and importance on those we love and know… more than those we don’t. For me, time at the airport always brings reflection on people. Brings reflection on the love that Christ has for them. Are we not commanded to love all people as much… if not more… than we love ourselves? YES!  Aren’t we told by our Savior to love everyone like we love him? YES!  Aren’t the hundreds of people in front of me suppose to be as important to me as my family? YES!  Aren’t we all family thru our Saviors’ blood? YES!  I know it’s hard, I struggle with it too.  I would gladly give my life for my family… my friends… but what about these people?   Father help me to see them thru your eyes and with your heart. Not with the pride and prejudice that comes from my sin!   Luke 10:27

I Love You!


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