Back In The Box!

As I watched them put the puzzle back in the box, after so much time finishing it, our lives came to mind. If you waste the time… talents… and blessings that God has given you, then at the end of your life everything goes back in the box.  If your days are full of nothing more than work and surviving then in the end everything will go back in the box.   However, if you take your talents… your gifts… and use them for his glory then your life lives on and your legacy will be one of kingdom growth.  God spent time thinking of you.  When he had purpose for you, he placed your soul into your mothers womb. Your life has purpose. Your life has meaning. Your life was meant to serve others and to ultimately bring glory to him.  Find your purpose.  Find the place in your heart where you know he lives and pursue it with everything in you.  Then when your time has been lived the box won’t hold you.  Your glory will live on forever!!

I Love You,  Perry

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