True Faith!

Do you ever feel as though your faith is weak? Days you feel like he is not to be found?   If your like me there are times you pray… times you ask for help… and you hope God answers. You hope he shows up. Then satan takes over and deep inside your not sure!  Deep inside the faith you thought was rock solid… waivers.  In the back of your mind that small voice says “better have a plan B just in case”.  Just in case he’s not listening. Just in case he doesn’t answer.  Just in case he doesn’t reveal himself.  Why?  Because we want answers in our time and in our way!!  Maybe during those times… times of selfishness… times of doubt… times of faithlessness… that’s when we should surrender all!  That’s when we should say “your will not mine”… whatever that might be. Then, and only then, you can call it true faith.


1 John 5:13 – 15

I Love You!


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