Why Do You Do It?

As I ponder, how I spend my day,  I wonder if God is happy with why I do what I do.  God is not concerned with what I do… but why I do it.  Often daily, he shares messages with me… such as this one.  He puts on my heart to share it with as many people as I can.  Of the 1200 people that read the HJD message I pray it blesses but one.  If I write these messages, and I look for the glory, then it is for nothing.  If the blessing from what you read, does not go to him, then I have wasted my time.  I have wasted the talent he gave me.  God doesn’t care what you do… as long as it brings glory to him and his kingdom.   Do you work to simply pay bills… or do you work so you can use your money to help others.  Do you work because you have to… or do you work to use the resources to further his kingdom.   Tomorrow when you wake… when you go to work… don’t think “I have to”.  Think “I get to”.  Then make it about him. Make it about serving and helping others.  It will change your heart.  Better than that it will put a smile on Jesus face that’s a mile wide.

1 John 2:15 – 17

I Love You


Simply Pray!!

So I have an addiction.  I love milk.  When we travel, I go and get some for the hotel room.  As I came out of CVS, milk in hand, there he sat.  A young man.  Dirty with ragged clothes.  A look of despair.  I simply can not pass someone like that  without speaking… praying… giving help.  I can’t because Jesus didn’t.  As I sat to talk to him I asked how he came to be on the street.  His parents kicked him out and he landed in Fort Worth.  I thought… but for the grace of God go I.  I asked if he had demons chasing him.  He said no not really.   I told him it’s okay because God loves him and I love him.  His head hung as he confessed that demons seemed to be on every corner of his life.  I told him the only way to chase them away is with prayer.  Unrelenting… unwavering… prayer.  Lorna and I prayed with him as we gave him some money for food.  God and only God has the power to fix that young mans’ life.  That same power is available to all of us by simply asking.  No matter your problem… no matter your situation… tap into that power.  

Simply pray!!!            Philippians 4:6

I Love You!


One Hundred Blessings!!

Did you stop today?  To give “Thanks” for the array of blessings that God pours on us.  The air you breathe… the  complexity of the body you live in… the beauty of the world around you… the sounds that fill our sky… the love of others… the taste of food… the smell of fresh bread… My wife and I even give thanks together for the gift of intimacy in our marriage. 

The practice of the Israelites’ was to give prayers of gratitude, for at least one hundred blessings, per day!  How much better would your life be if you focused to that degree on the blessings instead of the issues.  Start today and give little prayers of gratitude for everything you encounter. Give prayers of thanksgiving for every moment.  Give prayers of blessing even in the storms for the strength he gives and the lessons he is teaching.    

I promise it will change YOUR life and those around you!

1 Thessalonians 5:12 – 28

I Love You!


My Love Prayer!

Father, I’m not really sure why you love me?  I know you do. I know you made me in your image, but most days I feel so unworthy.  Most days I look at my sin… my actions… my attitude… and I wonder how ashamed you are of me?  Then my mind turns to your son.  I weep over the sacrifice he made.  I cry and kneel in prayer knowing that because he was willing to go thru unbelievable pain that my life is whole.  Then my thoughts turn to how deeply you must love me.  So much that you would give your only son to be beaten, to be spat on, to be nailed to the cross. Father, that was your way of saying:  “I love you past your sin, I love you thru your actions, I love you regardless of your attitude and I will always call you my own”.  Father help me to be the man you would have me to be.   To be worthy of your son.  To be worthy of your love.  To shine your light to everyone that crosses my path.

Romans 8:39 

I love you!