Why Do You Do It?

As I ponder, how I spend my day,  I wonder if God is happy with why I do what I do.  God is not concerned with what I do… but why I do it.  Often daily, he shares messages with me… such as this one.  He puts on my heart to share it with as many people as I can.  Of the 1200 people that read the HJD message I pray it blesses but one.  If I write these messages, and I look for the glory, then it is for nothing.  If the blessing from what you read, does not go to him, then I have wasted my time.  I have wasted the talent he gave me.  God doesn’t care what you do… as long as it brings glory to him and his kingdom.   Do you work to simply pay bills… or do you work so you can use your money to help others.  Do you work because you have to… or do you work to use the resources to further his kingdom.   Tomorrow when you wake… when you go to work… don’t think “I have to”.  Think “I get to”.  Then make it about him. Make it about serving and helping others.  It will change your heart.  Better than that it will put a smile on Jesus face that’s a mile wide.

1 John 2:15 – 17

I Love You


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