Simply Pray!!

So I have an addiction.  I love milk.  When we travel, I go and get some for the hotel room.  As I came out of CVS, milk in hand, there he sat.  A young man.  Dirty with ragged clothes.  A look of despair.  I simply can not pass someone like that  without speaking… praying… giving help.  I can’t because Jesus didn’t.  As I sat to talk to him I asked how he came to be on the street.  His parents kicked him out and he landed in Fort Worth.  I thought… but for the grace of God go I.  I asked if he had demons chasing him.  He said no not really.   I told him it’s okay because God loves him and I love him.  His head hung as he confessed that demons seemed to be on every corner of his life.  I told him the only way to chase them away is with prayer.  Unrelenting… unwavering… prayer.  Lorna and I prayed with him as we gave him some money for food.  God and only God has the power to fix that young mans’ life.  That same power is available to all of us by simply asking.  No matter your problem… no matter your situation… tap into that power.  

Simply pray!!!            Philippians 4:6

I Love You!


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