My Love Prayer!

Father, I’m not really sure why you love me?  I know you do. I know you made me in your image, but most days I feel so unworthy.  Most days I look at my sin… my actions… my attitude… and I wonder how ashamed you are of me?  Then my mind turns to your son.  I weep over the sacrifice he made.  I cry and kneel in prayer knowing that because he was willing to go thru unbelievable pain that my life is whole.  Then my thoughts turn to how deeply you must love me.  So much that you would give your only son to be beaten, to be spat on, to be nailed to the cross. Father, that was your way of saying:  “I love you past your sin, I love you thru your actions, I love you regardless of your attitude and I will always call you my own”.  Father help me to be the man you would have me to be.   To be worthy of your son.  To be worthy of your love.  To shine your light to everyone that crosses my path.

Romans 8:39 

I love you!


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