One Hundred Blessings!!

Did you stop today?  To give “Thanks” for the array of blessings that God pours on us.  The air you breathe… the  complexity of the body you live in… the beauty of the world around you… the sounds that fill our sky… the love of others… the taste of food… the smell of fresh bread… My wife and I even give thanks together for the gift of intimacy in our marriage. 

The practice of the Israelites’ was to give prayers of gratitude, for at least one hundred blessings, per day!  How much better would your life be if you focused to that degree on the blessings instead of the issues.  Start today and give little prayers of gratitude for everything you encounter. Give prayers of thanksgiving for every moment.  Give prayers of blessing even in the storms for the strength he gives and the lessons he is teaching.    

I promise it will change YOUR life and those around you!

1 Thessalonians 5:12 – 28

I Love You!


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