A Place In The Heart!

Why do we insist on playing God?  Daily I have conversations with people that rank sin. They judge other peoples lives based on the sin they perceive.  Those who judge, based on one lifestyle or another, feed their egos by thinking that my interpretation of scripture is right, and yours is wrong.  Why do so many of us, presume to know the heart of God, simply because we can quote scripture, one after another?  When you understand the heart of our Savior, you see a man who embraced all people.  A man who took the laws of the time and threw them out the window.  A man who took every human, from every walk of life, and every lifestyle, and made them his own.  Jews… Gentiles… Samaritans… Prostitutes… Evil infested… Lepers… and everyone in between.  He loved them!  Accepted them!  Sat them in a place of honor and formed relationships with them. He cultivated friendships and sat down to eat with them.   It is not about keeping laws.  It is about love… it is about relationships.  Mostly It’s about forgiveness… and it is a place in the heart. 

2 Corinthians 1:24  (msg)

Matthew 7:1-5

I Love You!


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