He Deserves Better!

They knew what he had done.  So a hero’s welcome… a kings honor.  The robes from their backs, and palm leaves paved his way.  Put yourself in Jesus’s place.  Not wanting the spot light, but knowing the donkey ride and the king’s parade, is what was needed to send the religious leaders to the edge. Knowing they needed one final push to send him to the cross.  I’m sure as he gazed at the gathering of people, he was repeating what he would say on the cross.  “Forgive these people, father, for what they are about to do.”  The same people that praised his entrance today would later cry out for his crucifixion.  They knew what they had seen… had heard… but chose to send him to the cross.  Twelve best friends… twelve men who walked in the parade with him… men who said they would die for him… ran and hid.  Do we not do the same thing when being his child is too hard?  When we ignore praying because it’s not politically correct?  When we turn away from a homeless man because it’s too hard to love him? When we do not trust?  Christ deserves better.  I’m going to spend my life trying to give him that.  I hope you will too.  Galatians 2:20

I Love You!


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