Love To Abundance!

He could have walked away.  He could have stuck by his claim when he said “Woman it is not my time”.  Out of love for his mother, he went ahead and turned the water into wine.  Not just any wine, but the kind you find on the top shelf.  Wine that would cost several hundred dollars a bottle, in today’s world.  Why not cheap wine?  Why not wine that you would buy at the local convenience store?  Because he came to bring life… to bring it to abundance… not just a mediocre existence but life in full glory.  Should we not do the same, because he did and does?  “When you do something do it as if your working for the Lord”.  Christ never once said “I am only going to do a little because that is all you deserve”.  He never said “I am only going to save a few, because not all deserve my grace”. Instead he worked tirelessly, to fulfill the work of his father, and he did it in abundance.  Daily I encounter people who only want to get by.  Some who claim the title “Christian” but only want to do the bare minimum, in an effort to get a reward.  Those that want something for nothing.  In everything you do, whether for money or not, do it in abundance.  Then sit back and watch.  He will provide to overflowing.  Colossians 3:22-25

I Love You!


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