What is normal?  Her comment was “why can’t they be normal”?  I see people treat others with disrespect because “their lifestyle is different or they dress or behave different then I do”.  Daily my heart prays “father make me blind to peoples differences and actions… so that I might see you, in them”.  We should not allow ourselves, as followers of Christ, to worry about how others dress, talk, or behave.  As we observe the world around us, we should see Jesus, in all people.   Each person, regardless of behavior, or lifestyle was made in his image, and carries within them the spirit of Christ.  Mother Teresa said “I see Jesus in every human being. That is why I help them”.  What power!  What understanding of our Saviors heart!  To be a Christian is to see Jesus, in everybody and everything. The very person you look at with distain… because of the way they dress, the way they wear their hair, the number of piercings on their face, or their lifestyle, is the very person you should love the most.  I use to be the one who judged.  I use to be that person, that looked at others different than me, with disapproval.  Through much contemplation I have come to better understand my Saviors’ heart.  Suddenly each face looks like him.  What glorious people he has put on this earth!!         Matthew 7:1-5 

I Love You!


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