A Wonderfully Beautiful Father!

My wonderfully beautiful father in law passed away this week.  In the glory of getting to be with him, as he transitioned into the presence of Christ, leaving his earthly vessel behind, sadness set in but holiness prevailed.  I saw in that moment that all the rubbish we deal with somehow does not matter.  The arguments we have over policy, religion, your way, my way, conservative, liberal, gay, straight, black, white.  ALL THAT MATTERS… IS LOVE.  As a family we spent time feeling the love that surrounded him and the love he had for each of us.  I then thought of, in a split second he experienced more love in the presence of Jesus, then we could have shown him in a hundred lifetimes.  I watched and could tell when Jesus grabbed him.  Took him to his side.  I could envision Jesus saying “welcome home my child.  I have longed to hold you again and show you my immense love.  I could care less about your sin. I could care less about your beliefs.  I could care less about your lifestyle.  Like the prodigal son you are home and the celebration of the saints will begin.”  We spend so much time and energy on shouting at the rain.  Trying to control that which is non-important.  To be with my beloved father in law, as he passed from one life to another, brought deep conviction.  It brought clarity that the rain is inconsequential.  Love is the center of it all.  It’s the only thing that mattered as he met his Savior. 

I Love You!


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