He Will Wait!

We had gone into American Eagle on a routine shopping trip.  I skimmed thru the mens’ department, the way most men do.  I then found a spot to stand.  A couple of minutes turned into many, and she was still trying on clothes.  So I waited.  People asking if they could help me.  If they could get me anything.  As I patiently waited, for the one I so dearly love, I thought of how God waits for us.  God will wait.  We have a God who waits for us until we are comfortable.  A God who lives life with us, on our terms, and in our time.  Our God who is full of grace, sees himself in each of us.  He sees his son, in each of us.  When you come to understand the mystery, that is the trinity, you come to understand that nothing else matters.  It doesn’t matter if your catholic, protestant, methodist, agnostic or atheist, he will wait for our love.  He will wait for us to find him.  He will be patient with our sin, and he will be long-suffering with our unbelief.  He will forgive many times over and he will be forbearing, when we turn the other way.  When we act out of hatred.  When we have a lack of faith, he will wait.  He will love. He will be patient.  She came back, as beautiful as ever.  After all that she found nothing she liked.  Because of love I will wait again… and again.  So will our God.  Ephesians 5:1

I Love You!


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