Prayer Of A Weary Heart!

God I pray with a weary heart.  Weary of this world, and the ways of your children.  Seeing so much hate and wondering why so many struggle with loving others.  I ask that just like Peter, you give me the wisdom to keep my eyes on your ways.  I ask that you lift me up to a level of understanding and peace of the world we live in.  Allow me to be in complete union with you.  That we may become one in a intimate and mysterious sense.  I know that you created our souls in the very image of you, so that we could be as one on a deep and incomprehensible level.  You created in me the image of you, so that through time we may be intertwined in our relationship.  That through that oneness I may come to see all others as you do.  I may come to see you in each of them, and look past the parts I don’t truly understand.  As with the deep love I have for my wife… I see her soul.  I feel her spirit… and I move as one with her.  So I know that you see me.  Give me the wisdom to see you, your spirit and your soul.  That we may move as one and I may see others as you do.  That through my words and actions your very essence is seen and heard.  I ask that you use me until I am complete. Complete in the image of you and complete in the love of others.  That we may go forth sharing in your love.

Ephesians 5:15-17  

I Love You! Perry

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