Who’s It About?

When you think on spiritual leaders whose face enters your mind?  I see billboards of churches with the pastors picture on them.  When I think of great spiritual leaders I think on Dr. King, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer.  But who’s more in the kingdom of God… the leaders of the local church or the homeless guy on the corner?  Will Dr. King be first in line or the man that shot him?  Christ came to save the lost.  Christ came to heal the sick.  Christ came to bring glory to the ones that need it.  Jesus looked for the one lost and left the ninety nine.  As I try to share the messages he puts on my heart I have had but one request.  That no credit ever be given to me.  Our spiritual journey… our walk with God… our search for knowledge should never be about us. Our life… our breath… our purpose… is only to glorify him.  I have watched as people have treated priest, preachers, and evangelist as if they have the answers and can save.  Only Christ can save and only God has the answers.  “The least (on earth) will be first and the first (on earth) will be last.”  Out of the mouth of the one that died for everyone. 

Mark Chapter 10

I Love You!


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