Nothing Can Stop His Love!

I hadn’t seen her in sometime and to greet her brought joy.  We talked about family and moms. I then asked about her boys. As we talked about her gay son her comments made my heart hurt.  “I know God still loves him?  I think God still cares about him?”  When a child’s own mother has cause for doubt about Gods love, then we have made a grave mistake in our christian teaching!! I have spent two years of study on this.  I have researched scripture and over twenty two books from every angle possible. I have interviewed people from the LGBTQ community, the medical field, as well as Christians.  I can not justify the viewpoint the conservative Christian movement takes. For many years I held the conservative prospective. While holding that view, I noticed how fellow Christians disproportionately targeted gay people. Christians I talked with argued against the legalization of same-sex marriage, but had no problem with remarriage after divorce remaining legal, despite biblical prohibitions. I never saw anyone kicked out of church for the “lifestyle sins” of greed… gluttony… gossip.  Evangelicals are content with women in ministry and methods of baptism as “secondary issues,” but turned LGBTQ acceptance into a doctrinal line in the sand.  I worship a Jesus that is unencumbered.  A Jesus who is simple and loving. To my Jesus this was a non-issue. Jesus loves the actual you.  He is not waiting for you to become something you are not. Nothing can stop a mothers love for her son and nothing can stop Jesus’s love

I Love You! Perry 

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