Torture and Love!

We tend to glamorize it.  We even make beautiful jewelry out of it.  We don’t want to face the truth.   

The whip had metal, and bones, in the ends.  As Jesus was struck, flesh was torn away from his back… his sides… his neck.  This would continue until near death.  Our Saviors raw muscle, tendons and bones would have been exposed.  His wooden cross was made to have splinters.  As he carried it on his shoulder and back the splinters would lodge in his open wounds.  The nails driven through his wrist, were placed as to touch nerves. Any movement was excruciating.  As he was lifted upon the main pole his shoulders would have been dislocated from his own weight.  Then both of our Lords’ feet were held together and one large nail driven through them.  Breaking bones in the process.  Then the suffocation starts.  The only way to breath, was too push up on the nail through his broken feet, so his diaphragm could expand.  His legs would have been bent at a 45 degree angle, meaning all of his weight was on his thigh muscles causing excruciating cramps.  The cramps would worsen as he pushed up to breath.  As he lost blood all of his organs would begin to cry out in pain.  All these things were happening to our Jesus at the same time.  With no way for relief.  Why did he not call his army of angels?   LOVE!!!! 

I Love You!


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