Our lives are connected to choices…  and the consequences of those choices.  Good are bad we are the choices we make.  We choose how we act.  We choose how we treat others.  We choose to be happy or sad.  We can even choose if we see the cup as half empty, or half full.  We may not choose situations, but we choose how we handle or react to the outcome.  We choose what path to seek. When God opens doors we choose whether to walk thru or turn around.  We choose our work ethic… our honesty… our character.  Every choice we make reflects on who we believe in and who we follow.  You can’t blame your choices on the past.  You can’t blame your choices on your rearing, or the mother and father you were given.   Every path… every circumstance… is a product of our choosing. We can not give our choices to someone else.  They belong to us and us alone.  You may ask someone for guidance but in the end the choice is always yours. God has choices as well.  Thru out his word he outlines choices he made and will continue to make. God chose to make you.  God chose to give you life. God chose to whom you would be born and where you would live.  God chose to love you thru your sin. Then God chose to send his son to save you.  His son, Jesus, chose to suffer and die on a life crushing cross.  Why you ask?  Simple!  LOVE!  Colossians 3:16

I Love You!


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