Grace! Glorious Grace!

Grace!  So misunderstood. So foreign by our standards. A gift that we cannot comprehended.  No strings… no agenda… no effort to earn… simply free.  Grace cannot be understood by any record of merits and demerits. It cannot be held to patterns of buying, losing, earning, achieving, or manipulating, which is where most of us live our lives. Grace is quite literally “for the taking.” It is God eternally giving away God—for nothing, except the giving itself. I believe grace is the life energy that makes flowers bloom, animals raise their young, babies smile, and planets remain orbit—I feel it in my heart and soul daily. I still have trouble understanding it.  How can his love be this strong? How can this unmerited love and grace be mine simply because I am his child.  “But for the grace of God go I”  that thought crosses my mind when I see others with addictions.  People with hatred.  People who have lost their way and land on the street.  The grace and the favor of God is for everyone ever born, simply for the asking.  It can’t be earned. It is a gift and the very nature of a gift is that it is given free of charge, with no expectation. So is the grace and love we have for our children.  There is nothing in this world one of my children could do that would make me stop my love and grace from them.  Being a child of God is so much better.  So why does he shower us with his grace.  For no good reason except love alone.  Ephesians 2:4-9

I Love You!


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