Christ Light!

The moon… cold and void… moved in line with the sun.  Our sun.  The source of light and human existence.  The star that shines the light of Gods’ brilliance and provides life energy to everything it illuminates.  On that day recently, and only for a brief moment, the moon covered the Sun.  The feeling was spectacular.  The birds stop singing and the temperature dropped immediately.  In a contemplative moment I thought of how the cold and void of Satan covered Christ for a moment as he died on the cross.  The birds stopped singing… the temperature dropped… the sky went dark…  To those watching, satan had won.  I see today, in so many faces, that satan is winning again.  Lives that have no direction…  no mission… no love.  We call Jesus the light of the world.  But did he not say in Matthew Chapter Five that WE are the light of the world.  That WE are to shine brighter than the sun with the love of Christ.  Love for others, love for our planet and love for him.  So many say they follow our Savior but have little light.  They do not show love and compassion for those they encounter. If it is someone they know or someone in need, maybe.  What about the girl behind the register with piercings and tattoos?  What about the young man dressed in feminine clothes and wearing make up?What about the waitress with multicolored hair and different clothes?  The light of Christ, in us, that manifest itself in love, should shine for ALL to see.  Not just those that fit our mold.

I Love You! – Perry

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