Make It All About Love!

I often get asked what religion are you? What church do you attend?  I reply “I am someone who loves Jesus with all my heart”.  I have spent my life, until now, believing that religion had something to do with a building we gather in. That it had something to do with a group of people, that sing songs and listen to teaching.  Most of us are under the belief that religion, is about a group of rules, social obligations, and commandments having to do with external behavior. Religion is simple! It is the belief in God, which produces an inner freedom, that will lead toward deeper and greater love.  Love for all mankind, not just the people you gather with on Sunday.  Daily I encounter people who have moved from the pursuit of Christ, because of the nature of the churches they have attended, and the attitude of the people in that church. How can that be what our Savior wants? This new direction for HJD, God is leading me too, is about abolishing stereo types and offering love to everyone of Gods’ people.  Atheist, Agnostics, Black, White, Gay, Straight, New, Old, Strong, Weak.  If they are human they deserve our love… our respect.  Christ loves them, why shouldn’t we? As I read in my new testament, Jesus had more problems with the religious elite, than he did with the common sinners. Step out of your comfortable religion and take up the cross that Jesus asked of us.

Make it all about love.  John 12:24

I Love You!


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