What’s On Your Screen?

As we all spend so much time on our phones.   As I watch so many spend endless time looking at a screen.  As I observe people on FB and so much social media… God put the following thought on my heart!  “What if I had made you with a screen on your chest that showed the thoughts in your mind and the desires of your heart?”  Scary thought?  Would others see Jesus is first in your life or money?  Would they see that family takes center stage or our Savior.  Would your friends be the most important or God?  How about your hobby, your job?  Would those be at the front of your screen or would it be covered up by Jesus?  Could the world see your thoughts and still accept you or would you run in shame.  Would they see a heart of Jesus or a heart of stone?  Would they see judgement or compassion? Love or hatred?  There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us.  I pray daily that my screen would show unending love for everyone surrounded by Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus.  Don’t know if I will ever get there… but I’m trying. Lest we forget… God sees it all as if we have a screen.  I for one am so thankful for the grace of our Savior.     

I Love You!


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