Do you truly appreciate the fascination of it all?  Every minute, of everyday, provides a moment for wonderment at Gods’ world. At Gods’ power.  As I sit in Radio City Music Hall, waiting for the show to begin, I am filled with awe to the point of tears.  The history… the grandeur…the ability to see it… all came together, to fill me with wonderment and awe. So it should be, in the presence of our Savior.  We spend countless days… countless hours… trying to understand his word. We spend a lifetime looking for a way to understand the Father… Son… and Spirit. We try so hard, to justify the beliefs we have, so that we can feed our egos, by believing we are earning his love, and a place at his side. We lose sight of the wonderment, and the fascination, of God and his Son. We can never truly understand his ways, his words, his heart.  Why do we try so hard?  Why do we feel as if we have to understand… we have to justify… in order to please him?  There are days we need to stop trying, and simply stand with awe and amazement, at his grandeur.  We need to come to the realization, that we will never fully understand. We will never fully comprehend.  Instead we need to appreciate the fascination, that is God.  Then.  We need to simply love, and bow at his glory. 1 Corinthians 2

I Love You!


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