To Ponder His Love!

As sixty thousand pounds came out of the water, the emotion overtook me. This massive grey whale, made by God, was swimming not thirty yards from our boat.  All my heart felt was amazement, at the power of our God.  Ten miles in the ocean, no land in sight. The vast water does not rest. Knowing below me is unlimited life down to an amazing 4000 feet. All I could think of was the sovereignty of our God.  I felt so incredibly small.  Then he speaks.  I made all this because I love you!  I did all this because I care. As large as all of this is… I love you more.  I have numbered every hair on your head, and I think about you every moment, of every day.  Stop and ponder that.  Our God. The one that formed the earth, and breathed life into everything we see or hear, spends his day in thoughts of us.  In love, with us.  Knowing that… feeling that… how could your day ever be bad.  So much anger.  So much hatred.  If only… everyone could understand the depth of Gods love, why would there be anger or malice. To truly know that everything we see, hear, touch or taste was made for our enjoyment.  Was made out of an unending, never ceasing love, should bring such joy to every creature that anger and hatred would be swallowed up. All that would remain is love.  Unending love and thanksgiving for God and each other.

1 John 4:11 

I Love You,


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