The Way Of Our Being!

You don’t have to spend a lot of time with him, to know he has a kind heart.  Our grandson… is an old soul, with a heart that mirrors our Savior.  As we talked, his comment was “being nice to people is important”.  We were talking, as we encountered people, being ugly to each other.  Why do we have to tear others down, in order to feel good about ourselves?  We look at those that are different than us, with disrespect. We judge, based on factors we find to be important, and we tear them down.  We talk about their lifestyle…  the way they dress… or the appearance of their hair.  So many times we judge simply because they are different. I have come to believe that sin is not so much that of disobeying laws, but that which takes you out of the place of love, our Lord wants for us.  Sin is missing the way of your being.  Sin is not about rules.  Sin is about missing the love that was placed in your heart, by the Holy Spirit,  through the DNA of God.  When we tear down, and abuse others, we are really tearing down God.  Anything… outside of love for others is moving you into a place of sin, and away from the presence of Christ.  When we find ourselves missing the way of our being… STOP!  Pray.  Then remember, your true self is one of love for others.  

1 John 4:7-21

I Love You!


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