A Lover’s Life!

The light of Christ that shone from her, illuminated the room. We had a rather trying day.  Airport mishaps and hotel mistakes.  As we checked into yet another hotel, she greeted us with open arms. Her smile was contagious, and her first words to us were “I’ve been waiting for you”.  She offered us love… kindness… and special treatment.  She threw open her arms and embraced us as if to say: I know we have the same creator and that makes us family.  She said “I am from Ethiopia and as we may be from two different worlds we have love for each other”.  As I stood in the middle of such warmth, such goodwill God spoke to me.  We are to treat our fellow man, no matter who, no matter where, with love such as this.  A love that says: Don’t care where you came from.  Don’t care what color your skin is.  Don’t care if you are clean or dirty.  Don’t care what your lifestyle preferences are.  Don’t care.  I am going to love you with all that is in me.  I am going to show you respect and I am going to shine the light of Christ upon you.  Being Christ followers, means we spend each day, trying to imitate our Savior.  Being kind and loving, as he was.  Being meek and lowly, as he was.  Looking for those to help, as he did.  As you do, you will start to see the holy spirit in everyone.  And they will see Christ in you. Philippians 1:9

I Love You!


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