Fervor For Life!

He had no idea the affect he was having on me.  He made an impact on my life, after twenty short minutes of knowing him.  He was simply doing his job with fervor, with zeal.  After many times of being in Juvenile  Detention he joined a program that changed his life.  A year long plan that takes young people, in trouble and teaches them how to work.  How to do life.  How to love and honor others.  He was now back at the restaurant, that houses this program, as a supervisor and lighting up the room with his spirit.  Through tear filled eyes, I hugged this young man and told him how proud I was of who he had become.  Once a stranger… now a young man that had my heart!  You never know, each day, who’s life you are touching and how it can affect them.  Do you touch lives for good… or bad?  Are people better for having crossed your path… or worse?  It doesn’t matter where you are… who you encounter… as followers of Christ it is our job to show love.  To show hope.  To show a fervor for life. To create happiness and caring with everyone, each day. JD learned that lesson, at the young age of twenty.  I think we need more JD’s in this world.

Matthew 5:14-16

I Love You!


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