What He Ask or What He Needs?

Do you give God what he asks for… or what he needs?  When this question entered my thoughts I found it to be strange. God doesn’t need anything from us.  The more I have contemplated, the more I have come to understand, the depth behind this question, the Holy Spirit put on my heart.  There are those that follow rules.  There are those that are happy to stand behind years of tradition, and years of never ending patterns, in a hope to find God.  They come to believe, that God wants us to follow this rule or that.  If we don’t give him what he asked for, he will be unhappy with us.  Some believe he wants us to perform a certain way.  After forty seven years of walking side by side with him, I have come to realize what he needs from us… is simply love.  What he needs… is simply a relationship.  True love means you don’t need rules that are written down.  True love means you will do what is needed… when it is needed… simply because you love.  I don’t wash the dishes because I’m afraid my wife will be unhappy if I don’t.  I do it because I love her.  True love means you don’t find favor with another, simply because they perform to a certain level. You find favor… because they are the one you truly love.

1 Corinthians 3:21 (msg)

I Love You!


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