His Name Is Jesus!

It happens daily.  I notice it when I wear my HJD shirts.  People look at me and form a pre-conceived idea when they see the name Jesus.  Many tell me they like my shirt.  Those inquires are great.  The ones I worry about… the ones that keep me up at night… are the ones that turn the other way.  Those that have a different lifestyle or maybe don’t believe in the same God I believe in. They turn or make a face.  Why?  Because Christianity has become known as judgmental and condemning.  Instead of radiating a heart of Christ, we are perceived as we think our life is correct, and theirs is wrong.  Why would they want to be around someone who is allows judging? They get that enough from the rest of the world. Instead of opposing so many things, by trying to force our lifestyle on others, maybe we should practice more love and acceptance and let Christ do what he does best.  Change hearts!  A friend of mine was at a gas station on a Sunday and he looked like he had been to church. Some young people at the pump next to him got his attention and flashed one of their shirts.  It simply said “freedom from religion”.  We have to be very careful how we portray our Savior.  Why would those young people want to trade a system of rules, for another system with a whole other set of rules. I would have told them.  I have freedom from religion also.  His name is Jesus!

Matthew 23

I Love You!


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