Seeing Without Eyes!

Oh to see, without my eyes!  Have you ever thought how our eyes deceive us?  We judge based on looks.  Based on lifestyle.  Her vision was taken from her at age six to save her life.  I pray for her, when I think of all she is missing.  I for one, enjoy the vision of a sunset.  I enjoy the beauty of my wife.  The look of my grandkids smile. Savvy cannot see those things, but she is blessed by seeing with her heart and not her eyes.  Eyesight is something we should never take for granted.  However, some days I ask that God close my eyes, and open my soul, that I may first love before judging.  That I may be kind before making a perception.  As I move forward, in the direction God is leading with HJD, it is important that I learn to see with my soul… before my eyes.  With my heart before my mind.  With my love before my judgement.  As people we tend to judge the lifestyle, before we love the person.  Christ has shown me through his heart that love is all that matters.  Love is the beginning and the end.  Love does not have room for judgement or condemnation.  Love is accepting.  Love does not look at the sins of others, but focuses on the image of God within.  I pray we close our eyes and accept those around us.  It is what Christ did.  It is what we should do.  1 John 4:19

I Love You!


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