God’s Child!

Oh how I love being your child!  Each morning I am offered a new day to love and praise you.  A new day to talk to you.  To marvel at your love.  The world and its’ parade tries to still our time.  Hurry from here to there.  This phone call and that meeting.  All the while I’m wishing it could be just me and you.  I spend my day looking for signs of you.  Looking for you to show me another example of your love.  I talk as much as I can, because I know you always listen.  I know you always care.  I know you always love.  I wait for the chance to talk about you to others.  Many times you place people in front that need to hear of you, and times I have to look for the reason.  How I love to talk about you.  To share your love with others.  There seems to be so many that need to know you.  That need to feel the experience of being your child.  Of resting in your love.  I ask that you use me daily until you can’t use me any longer.  This life has so many trials and still so many opportunities.  I want nothing more than to be your child.  To show your love to others.  It is the greatest honor of my life.  Oh how I love being your child! 

Galatians 4:7

I Love You!


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