The Illusion of Control!

There is beauty… and peace… in chaos, if your heart is in the right place.  

Six years ago after not feeling like I should, I went to get tested.  As it turns out my testosterone was extremely low.  So now, I go every Thursday for a shot.  The week after all this chaos started my blood pressure was high, according to the nurse.  After a talk with her, I spent the ride home examining the reason and then it hit me.  I was not turning my frustration over to my Savior.  I was not overcoming my fear with my faith.   I was not relying on my God to steer me through this confusion…  through this chaos…  After much prayer my blood pressure is back to normal.  Along with my peace.  “DO NOT FEAR!”  is the most used phrase in scripture.  I simply was  not listening.  

We all live in a world of wanting to be in control.  Fact remains control is an illusion.  Only God has control.      

As your heart and soul grow in the Lord you will move beyond faith into unbridled belief.  Only then will the troubles of this world, that haunt most people, become strangely dim. Then and only then will you find that perfect peace that passes understanding… as you learn to set fear and control aside and truly trust our father.  Philippians 4:6-7

I Love You


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