God Is Tired!

I am so tired!  My heart tells me that God is tired too!  Tired of all the hatred.  Tired of all the lies.  Tired of all the judging.  Tired of all the selfishness.  Since the time of scripture… since the time of Adam and Eve… we have spent lifetimes worried about what is best for us.  Spending year, after year, consumed with  looking out for ourselves instead of concentrating on what pleases our Savor.  We talk about the person different than us, instead of praying for them.  We run to be first in line, instead of allowing others to be.  We spend countless amounts of money to make sure that our way of life remains the same with very little regard for other parts of the world.   I’m tired… of a world where trivial things, that do not matter to our Savior, are more important than a hungry child.  Our father has given us everything we need to make our world work.  He has given us all the directions we need to have a joyful life.  We simply need to follow the instructions found in his word.  Love him with all we have and love others as much as we love him.  Follow that… teach that… live that…  and don’t make it harder than he intended for it to be. 

Mark 12:29

1 John 4:11

I Love You!


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