Good and Evil!

I was researching for a topic that puzzles me. I know the bible is a living document.  It moves… it changes… it grows….  So many times I read a verse I have study my whole life, then suddenly I see something new.  Why did I never see this before?  Do you ever wonder why God made a tree that Adam and Eve could not eat from?  Why did he use the tree titled the “Knowledge of Good and Evil” to act as a temptation for Eve and Adam?  God knew that when we became aware that there is good and evil it would lead to pride within ourselves.  We would then make ourselves the judge about what we consider to be good and what we consider to be evil. Instead of looking at others thru Gods eyes we would look at them in judgmental ways.  Because Eve partook of the fruit from that tree we have lived not in harmony with each other, but in confusion.  We spend each day judging others based on whether they attend church.  Whether they look a certain way.  What language they use and how they dress.  What people they associate with and what home they live in.  We judge on choices they make and the trouble they are in.  Our Savior looked beyond that and saw the heart.  He never cared about their past.  He saw their heart and looked to their future. How much better life would be if we could pretend Eve never ate from that tree.  Harmony would be the normal.  1 Corinthians 13:12

I Love you!  Perry 

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