Resurrection Is Dirty!

They all call.  The churches our company cleans, all call to prepare for Easter.  Easter is a time when they feel like they need to shine.  It is a time when they know people will come, that don’t always attend.  Kids will be dressed in their best new wardrobe and their shoes will be shined.  Ladies will pull out their best dress and men will put on a suit.  We have taken Easter and made it into something it is not.  We have turned it into a show, instead of a resurrection.  When Mary saw Jesus she didn’t recognize him.  She thought him to be a gardener.  As I pondered that I realized a gardener would be covered in dirt.  A gardener would have dirt under his nails and smudges on his face.  Jesus had spent three days battling satan and even though the women had cleaned up his lifeless body he would still have the wounds from the cross.  Resurrection is never pretty.  People who come from a messy past to a new life in Christ still carry with them the dirt and memories of a bygone time.  They may have dedicated themselves to a new life with Jesus, but the dirt does not automatically go away.  Resurrection changes you but doesn’t always clean you up and give you a new wardrobe. Christ meets us right where we are.  Dirty clothes, dirty life, and dirty past.  He worries first about our heart then shows unbridled love. Shined shoes, not so much. Wardrobe, no.  Heart full of love, you bet!

I Love You!


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