Love And Unity!

We live in a country that is divided. Not since the civil war has there been so much division.  The Christ I love is about unity.  As we celebrate the coming of our Savior my thoughts turn to nothing but his arrival. The Christ that came to save us is about love.  When Jesus came to be one of us, it was not about theology… who is right or wrong… but about union.  It was about a young girl allowing herself to be vulnerable and letting go.  She let go of her reputation… her material possessions… her pride… in order to bring pure love into this world.  Until we get out of our heads, and our prideful beliefs about theology, we will never be able to deliver the true love of Jesus to the world.  “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.  In heaven Christ celebrates love and unity.  People are not separated by their status but loved unconditionally by Jesus.  Do we truly believe that prayer, or simply recite it?  I certainly don’t see much unity and love in this place.  I see fighting and disagreements between different faiths, different politics, gay or straight, liberal or conservative, fair skin or dark.  To the Jesus I know, nothing is more important than love and unity.  That is the bedrock that everything else in his teaching stands on. More than ever, during this season, let us teach that.  Let us live that.  Let us unite to show the world what true love is.  His name is Jesus! 

Matt 22:34-40

I Love You!


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