He Is Standing Near!

Five thousand had come. Matthew says men, which meant many women as well. All they heard was grumbling, and throws of insults, as everyone was hungry. As the twelve checked their bank book, they soon realized, they had not enough money to feed the crowd. They were frightened… worried… afraid of what the people might do. How easily they had forgotten who was with them. Who was standing near. They forgot who was about to speak, to this mob of people. Yet while they worried, Jesus took five loaves, and a few small fish, and fed the thousands. In the blink of an eye… problem solved. He not only fed them, but had twelve baskets, of left overs. What seems like an insurmountable problem to us… is but a whisper to God. What seems like a never ending nightmare… is but a day dream to our Savior. Are you standing near to him, yet have forgotten who he is? Are you listening to him speak, but don’t trust him to solve the problem? No matter what… when… or how big… he will turn a few loaves, into a feast. You simply have to trust… hand it to him… and watch him work. Then when he is done, sit back, and listen to him speak.
Colossians 1:17

I Love You!

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