Do You Reflect HIM?

Do you struggle to understand as I do? Daily I see people, many who call themselves Christ followers, doing everything, but reflecting the heart of the Savior. Daily I think: Everything I do… everything I say… the way I act… the way I conduct business… the way I treat others… is a direct reflection on the one I love. When I wear the name Christian. When I profess to follow Christ. Others look to me… to see what HE is like. Do I truly understand his heart? Do others see him in me, or the world? I go to a Christian concert, and I watch as people shove to be first in line. As they throw down their trash. I observe, as they yell at each other over a parking place. Is that Christ? I experience church leaders who are deceitful… hurtful… and self-serving… Is that Christ? When I was a kid, I behaved, not because I was afraid of getting in trouble. I was good, because I wanted to reflect well on my earthly father, whom I adored. Should we not do even more, for our heavenly father? Tomorrow, as you go through your day, look to his heart in everything you do. Reflect his love to everyone you meet. Above all else be the mirror of his spirit. That, and only that, will bring others to him, and put a smile on his face. Ephesians 5:1-10

I Love You!

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