Why Did He Come?

Lately I have pondered what Christ thought as he prepared to come to earth to live with us.  As he left his heavenly home, in the comfort of his father.  As he gave up the glory of heaven to enter the womb of Mary.  He must have agonized over his horrifying death.  He must have wondered how he was going to endure the pain.  He must have thought of the times he would face temptation.  The times he would face hatred.  The times he would be disappointed in our lack of faith.  He must have smiled thinking of the times he would listen to Peter.  He laughed out loud as he saw the face of the apostles when he would calm the storm.  Then his thoughts turned to why?  Why do I have to go?  Why do I have to suffer?

Then that smile returned to his face as he thought of you… of me… LOVE!  I’m going because I love them that much.  

What an amazing Savior!  

I Love You!


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