Standing With Jesus!

Daily I watch as people judge… people hate… people treat those different than them with dis-respect. I listen as they blame the condition of the world on everyone else, but themselves.  “You don’t believe the way I do, so you have to be wrong.”  “You’re liberal and I’m conservative so you’re wrong.”  “You don’t follow the rules.  You hang out with the wrong people.  You eat with them and laugh with them.  You allow them to call you friend and you parade around with them as if they were family.  You’ve been seen talking to thieves, to prostitutes, to liars, cheaters and adulterers.  How can I ever associate with you.”  As I watch the hatred… the judging…  as I listen to the blaming… our Savior lays on my heart.  Did not the conservatives of his time say these things of him?  Did not those with status treat him as a sinner.  Didn’t he get looks from the religious leaders because of the people he helped… the people he called his friend.  Our Savior loved unconditionally.  God sent his son to show us how to love… how to live… how to treat others.  Because of his behavior they crucified him.  I would rather be judged for my love of people, along with my Lord, then to be accepted by those of this world.  We should think about that next time we find ourselves placing blame.   Colossians 3:12-14

I Love You!


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