Praying Hard!

How hard do you pray?  

She struggled to come into this world.  After being late she had a rough birth and time in the neonatal intensive care unit was a must.  Our daughter was born with complications. Holding her meant a fight with wires, with machines, with gowns, with masks.  As I got home alone… the stress, the strain,  the fear, overtook me.  As I hit my knees, weeping, I had but one prayer.  TAKE ME!  God if you need a soul.  If you need a life, then take mine….  I had never prayed that hard in my life!!  God sees our needs, before we ask.  He sees our hearts.  Maybe sometimes he wants to see how bad we want it.  Maybe he wants to see if we have a strong enough faith to surrender to him and allow him to do what he does best.  LOVE US!  When life takes a bad turn.  When you simply don’t know which way to go… look up and pray.  Show him how much it matters to you.  Then sit back and watch him work.  He did for me.  The next day she was better.  And the next, and the next.  That night he taught me the power of prayer.  He taught me the power of his love.  

By the way,  she is the apple of my eye.  Rest assured I would pray that prayer again… if need be.  John 14:13-14

I Love You!


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