Humble Strength!

Breakfast on a ship is one of my favorite times.  I arose early to beat the crowd.  I found a seat that faced the window, which afforded me a chance to see the ocean moving past.  It was peaceful, and a good time to observe my surroundings.  She came past my table many times.  Each time asking if I needed anything.  Gracefully serving everyone she saw.  She came from Vietnam, with a smile to brighten up the world.  She had a servants heart, but I felt a strength in her that was undeniable.  She found pleasure… peace… in serving others.  We talked and I was amazed at the humble attitude.  The humble grace.  The humble presence.  Then it hit me.  She possessed what I call HUMBLE STRENGTH.   The strength that comes from knowing why you are here. A strength that shows confidence in a humble manner. Strength that says, you come first, because I love you the way Christ intended.  I don’t believe we truly understand the humble strength of our Savior.  Many mistook his quiet nature and his willingness to follow peace, as a sign of weakness.  A sign of passiveness.   If we truly… in our hearts… understood the strength he possessed, we would stand in awe.  At any moment he could have destroyed his captures.  He could have brought people to their knees.  Humbly he sought peace.  He sought love.  I learned a lot watching the young lady from Vietnam. She reflected Christ, more than anyone I have ever encountered.  Humble Strength.  It’s how we imitate our Savior.   

1 Peter 3:8 / James 4:4 (msg)

I Love You!


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