Less Ego / More Self-Esteem!

Ego is what holds us back from seeking more knowledge.  As he sat in my office all he could say was “I am a proud man.  I am worthy of respect.  I certainly don’t need anyone telling me how to live or what I can say”.  What I observed was a child of God with a low self esteem who was using ego to try and feel better about himself.  Self esteem and ego. Two very different things.  Christ had a high self esteem because he knew who he was.  Ego – not to be found anywhere in our Savior.  Self Esteem says I am a child of the living God made in his image.  I have self worth simply because I know who I belong to.  Ego says I am better than you because of who I think I am and my beliefs.  Self esteem says because I know who I am, I’m willing to listen, learn, and love unconditionally.  Ego says I know it all so why should I heed your advice or listen to your opinion.  Daily humans live more from the ego side than from the self-esteem side. To become our true selfs we have to abandon ego and find self esteem in the seed that lives in us.  The seed of love that was planted by Christ. Christ lived without ego.  His high self esteem allowed him to treat everyone with respect and to be open to learning from those around him.  Learning to put away ego… allows you to hear the voice of God. Philippians 2:3(msg)

I Love You!


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