Love Deep / Laugh Hard

Daily I live my life to the fullest. I go at life with break neck speed. I live out my emotions… and my heart… it’s an open book. The joke at the office is “if you want to see Perry cry, ask him about how much he loves Lorna”.  That will do it every time!  We are only given one heart… one body… one soul.  Many times we spend our lives, trying to suppress our feelings, our desires, only to find that life has passed us by.  When you love… love deep.  When you laugh… laugh hard.  When you hurt… embrace it to its’ depth.  When you find people in your path, you feel a connection to, cherish it. Cherish them. Many people have crossed my path, in the past sixty years. Each have taken a part of my heart. Some more than others.  We have a God, who desires in us, a relationship with others.  He desires we share our lives, our love, our heart, with those he puts before us. He desires we give our lives to each other, as he gave his life to us.  We should think of those around us, more than we do ourselves… just as he did.  I have a dear friend who every time I say “I love you” he asks why I say that?  He never says “I love you” back, but I know he does.  Learn to love deeply.  Learn to laugh hard. Most of all learn to cherish each relationship God puts before you. Your life will be rich!

Galatians 5:13(MSG)

I Love You!


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