A New Genesis!

Many years ago I tried to play golf.  My dad and father-in-law were avid golfers, so I tried.  Turns out, it is not for me.  There is one term in golf I used a lot.  Mulligan!  It’s a golf term for a do over.  Jesus life and death produced for us a new genesis.  A new day to start over.  In golf terms a “mulligan”.  A way to move past the law that surely condemns to a new time in the garden.  A time of peace… of understanding… before Adam ate of the fruit. Jesus’ life, was given to us, by God, as a way to erase what Adam did.  To take us back to a time of understanding, when as man, we walked in solitude with our God.  God told Adam “if you eat of this tree you will surely die”.  However God did not kill them after they sinned, he simply punished… then loved.  So it is that Jesus, reflects the heart of God, in the garden. Where he shows pure love without censure.  We have come to believe, that we have a God that practices condemnation.  One minute we are delighting in his grace, the next we are worried that our sin will bring his wrath.  Do we have a loving God or a vengeful God? Jesus came to show us the heart of his father.  Jesus, just as God, is pure love.  Love does not condemn.  Love does not keep records of wrongs.  Love cherishes.  Love will always win… even to the end.

1 Corinthians 13:8

I Love You!


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